Thursday, December 30

T-minus: 2 days and Panicking.

Two more days until 2010 is over and 2011 starts!


Trying to make plans for NYE's with my girlfriends who are in town for only a limited amount of time before they leave for school back upstate in Westbubblefuck, is difficult. What makes it even more complicated is the fact that, I already KNOW I'm going to be spending it with my boyfriend, and half of them want to hit the clubs, which I hate because of a fight that almost broke out between me and a perverted photographer (there's also a bunch of other things that factor into it, but we won't get into that). The other half, which is really just like, 2-3 of them (yeah, I don't have a lot of close friends *shrug*) I really wanna spend with at their place but my boyfriend stays in a different state (Queens) and I live in Brooklyn + he might have plans with his boys! Sigh.... complicated. I hope this all works out though.

Anyway, so today I hung out with my boyfriend & company in SoHo; super hectic, with the snow and the crowded streets filled with people looking to return and exchange gifts. Nonetheless, it was still nice and I got to step into Zara for the first time in awhile since I banned myself from doing any harm to my bank account - I spotted this bag and fell in love! ...Until I tested out the lock, and it got stuck... *slowly backs away....* After stopping by BAPE, Stussy, and all the main SoHo stores, we feasted @ Bar 89. You know, the place with the really cool bathroom doors that fog up to let people know it's occupied.

& I got to (finally) pick up my Christian Siriano x Payless heels!

try to excuse my uncared-for, winter-harsh feet... it's been awhile...

Whew! That's all from me. Time to sleep to get up early tomorrow, airport bound!

See you in the new year!

Sunday, December 26

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I've been really lagging on my blog - Work schedule was hectic this week and super busy with all the last Christmas shopping everyone was doing - I've been up a 5AM to get to work @ 8AM, crazy! And then after work, I've been feasting like a monster with the holiday dinners! 3 in a row to be specific. Haha.

Is it wrong that I'm starting to indulge in my sister's depression? Everytime she's upset, she buys impractical shoes thus, I got all this! minus the Aldo wedges. It's been a good week: My Christian Siriano heels and Johnny Cupcakes x Hello Kitty totebag finally got in...

Topshop Boutique


 Derek Lam

Jessica Simpson


Socks for $1.50 @ my store... I had to!

A neutral colored cardigan in thick wool for $17!

Silky tank in a jewel tone for the NYE's parties.

& my totebag! How adorable! Thanks to Johnny Cupcakes and my boyfriend! <3

Happy Holidays everybody!

Tuesday, December 21


Today was fantastic! I finally saw my best girlfriends, had Italian in West Village, and even though I haven't seen them in the longest time, everything went back to normal and we became huge giggle monsters like we usually do. Forgot my camera at home, so I had to resort to my crappy lighting in my room. Excuse my tiny mess x:


M.Teak is a line started by my mother who designed and made the pants. It stands for Mom, Tiffany, Eileen, Abigail, and Konnie, which is me and 3 sisters who also take part of this line. Our collection also consists of lace bodysuits, velvet paisley bubble skirts and shorts, and cigarette harem pants like the one above. I'll be modeling more of the pieces, coming soon!

3 more days until Christmas Eve! Excited? Let me know what your plans are for the holidays! (:

Monday, December 20

Be a lady, not a tramp.

I can't believe there's only 5 more days until Christmas, then only a week after that until it's 2011. How quick this year's going by. There's not enough time in a year, I swear. Haha.

Anyway, my girls from Buffalo and beyond are finally back, I'm SO excited. I had the chance to hang out with them today but my body was killing me, and it was beautiful outside. UGH. ...Oh well, there's always tomorrow and a month. (:

So here are my new pickups from last week. I finally got a leopard piece... FOR FREE. The best, I always say. Haha. Found it in my closet, buried all the way in the back, I completely forgot about it since a couple of years ago it didn't really fit. & voila:

exchange by david charles, nine west

a book to live by - and I've only read 20 pages.

MAC brush cleaner works extremely well and fast. This 8 fl. oz will last me awhile since I don't put on makeup that often.

Slowly, but surely, I'll build up my shoe pile, get to wear them all, and I can't wait to show them off. Also, ever since I received that book from my sister as a Christmas present (along with strawberry headphones, yeah, I cheated and opened up early =x) I haven't been able to put it down, it's so good so far! & extremely helpful tips like how to balance your outfit out, the thin line between sexy and skanky, and table manners.

Happy reading, stay warm and I hope you've got your Christmas shopping and New Year's resolution down everyone!

Saturday, December 18

Rain, rain, go away - that's what all my haters say

...I think I've been hanging out with my boyfriend too often and can't get Waka Flocka out of my head. -.-


I'm in need of a new job. I picked up my paycheck for a week and it came to.... let's just say, under $50. How am I supposed to survive?! (speaking fashionably, of course) *facepalm* Oh goodness. On the bright side, my girlfriends from SUNY Buffalo are back! <3 Now I'm just waiting on my 2 others, and we'll start planning our Asian invasion. Haha! Super excited.

So, today after picking up my embarrassing paycheck, I picked up my boyfriend from work and had Korean food from HMart in Queens for dinner...


(photo courtesy of my boyfriend's HTC HD2)

Yummy! Ended the night with a huge case of the itis and passed out with my boyfriend. Haha. I love the winter.

Happy nommingtons!

Thursday, December 16

Johnny Cupcakes x Hello Kitty

It seems like a lot of designers are jumping onto collaborations with Hello Kitty these past couple of years: Atmos, BAPE, Target, Dr. Marten's, Asics, Stussy, etc. And with Sanrio's 50th Anniversary, things have gotten a lot bigger with Hello Kitty and the rest of the crew like the Sanrio x Target Small Gift mobile pop-up shop Tour that happened last week. They started driving from California all the way through to New York City where there was a huge line in the freezing weather for small gifts.

Just 3 days ago, the long awaited collaboration with Johnny Cupcakes and Hello Kitty dropped in stores and online.

Just 3 days, and already most small sizes for the t-shirts were sold out. I had to have a piece of this collaboration! So I had my boyfriend buy me the totebag. (:

They also had 3 different types of HK x JC stickers which were also really adorable in 4 x 5 for $5 a pop. Tees were $40 each, and the tote was $25. I suggest if you're a fan of Hello Kitty, don't miss out on this great collaboration!

Wednesday, December 15

Christian Siriano.

I know I'm soooo late on this and I'm usually so on top of things, but I just saw Payless' Holiday 2010 Designer Collection with Lela Rose, Isabel Toledo, and Christian Siriano. I'm in love with Christian Siriano! Ever since he won Project Runway a couple of years ago, I've been a huge fan of his clothes and shoe designs. So naturally, when I found out he was collaborating with Payless, I was super excited & ladies and gentlemen, the man does not disappoint.

Keep in mind, this is Siriano design, but Payless quality so rest assured fellow fashionistas searching for beauty and (less) pain, their shoes are amazing; lightweight, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE. I own a piece from the Alice + Olivia for Payless designer collection from '08 and they're nearly 6'... I wear them casually!

So hopefully, having convinced you all, you'll now run out to your nearest Payless (or go online) and buy them. They're are totally affordable ranging from only $24.99-$59.99; beautiful and comfortable, with Christian Siriano design, without breaking the bank.

Happy shopping!

++ Edit: So that morning (12AM, to be exact) while browsing through the Payless site to look for more buried treasures, I found this, for $39.99:

and bought these for $14:

Yeap! I'm ecstatic as hell! I can't wait to get them on my feet and show them off!