Sunday, June 24

Style Stalking Mermaids (& Men)


This past weekend was Gay Pride so there were a bunch of events happening all over the city: Gay Pride Parade in the Village and the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

I live 3 stops away on the train from Coney Island, so attending this event was the more obvious choice.

So sum this all up: sequins, chiffon skirts, the only time when wearing a bra can pass as normal, flea markets (bought a hat for $5 and a ring for $1!), more sequins, double fisting (coffee and pina colada), blue & purple hair, nipple stickers, really drunk (and happy!) people, and really well done makeup.

If you haven't attended either parade, it's definitely a must-see, must-experience kind of thing.

Back to regularly scheduled programming soon!