Tuesday, July 26

Starting A-New.


Obviously the worst photo ev-ar, but we'll all deal.

So I haven't updated in awhile & (if you were wondering) a lot has changed, starting with the obvious: I've cut off my long locks. I just gathered up all my balls, and choppped it off. If you're wondering who did this awesome cut of the hair, just go to MessLook in Chinatown on Grand St. & look for Ricky Ren. Tell him I sent cha.

Secondly, I've started a new job & found a new love for Canadian designers who know my heart (snakeskin-print on a silk jumpsuit, high-waisted floral shorts, and T by A. Wang-like maxi dresses!). A new environment surrounded by some of the most amazing, and beautiful people - inside & out - is truly an awesome experience.

Not to mention, I haven't felt this good about myself in awhile before my haircut and new purchases. Oh, the things something so minuscule will do to ya.