Tuesday, February 14

nothin' here

Serious blogger face/pose, don't fail me...

Ohp. Failwhale.

Clearly, I'm loving the pockets on F21's rendition of Rag & Bone's jeans.

So, Fashion Week's almost over. I wish I could be sad because then that would imply being important and maybe I've gone to a show or two and I never want it to end.

But instead, I've been working and staying home, studying for my English final.

That's okay. I know my time will come... and when it does. It'll be epic. Like, front-row-seat-reserved-for-me-and-my-2-girlfriends-at-the-Marc-Jacobs-show-Sex-and-the-City-style, EPIC.

I'm wearing Alexa Chung for Madewell coat, H&M lace buttondown, AA tank, F21 jeans, vintage belt, F21 necklace, Juicy Couture sunglasses, and Emilio Pucci shoes

...Just kidding. They're from JustFab.

Happy Valentine's Day!