Wednesday, May 2

Boyish Charm


talula turban - thrifted vest underneath - madewell denim shirt (DIY dipdyed) - tory burch jacket - levi's - wilfred leopard belt - vintage ankle boots - kate spade 'little kennedy' - madewell necklace

grande gracias a mi bueno amigo, jordan.

Ok, no. Seriously. I'm really back. For good! Who's excited? I AM.

Too enthusiastic?

Well, I purchased a new camera. It's all mine = I'll be annoyingingly blogging all the time!

So while I've been away, not blogging, I was still being productive - working on myself mostly and working hard in school (recent achievement = B in Spanish. Soy mucho bueno!). And while I thought working out wasn't considered being productive, my older sister, said something so profound: "As long as you're working on yourself - practicing endurance, patience, pushing yourself to the limit and going beyond - you're being productive."

Smarter, older, wiser sister... Where have you been all 20 years of my life? Sheesh.

*Double collar poppin' inspired by Atlantic Pacific. If you haven't already, get inspired here.*