Wednesday, May 9

highlights, hi-nights, high luck.


  1. Landed in Miami, in front of Miami Beach Resort wearing Olive+Oak sweater, MNG pants, JC shoes, Jas MB bag. Seriously, Vita Coco kept me hydrated all 4 days from this hot ass weather that roasted me all over.
  2. Boutique-brand ring, Vita Coco, and Burberry sunglasses.
  3. Our first dinner in Miami where everywhere we turned, we saw guys in white. Goal of the night: to be invited to wherever they were attending. Looked fancy schmancy. The end? Didn't succeed.
  4. Obviously loving my new camera. Wearing AA's dress. The perfect dress as a swimsuit cover-up and to go from beach to casual hang-out. I wore it not cinched, turning it into a trapeze dress. Manrepelling in Miami? Oh yes.
  5. Caribbean Coolada @ The Seabreeze Cafe. So perfect. With my not-so-perfect BB and RM wallet.
  6. Clear, blue skies. How lucky.
  7. TOUR in Miami Beach. See more here (awaiting for link. If you're antsy, Google that shit!) + like their page of FB. ...Don't act like you don't have one like people who lie (awfully) about not having an email. C'mon. Seriously.
  8. Having a 4-person Miami Vice @ Ocean's 10. In Miami. GET IT?! SO CUTE. AND NOM-ABLE.
  9. - 11. Our Saturday night, starting @ photos 9 + 10, and ending like... 11: blurry.
  10. (really 12. Stay focused here.) Seafood Paella fit for a mothafuckin' kingdom from BiCE Restaurant in South Beach. We also ordered Truffle Raviolis & Chicken Alfredo. A-MAZE-BALLZ.
  11. (and actually 13. I hope you're still following) The view from Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel's delicious restaurant, Cabana Beach Club. Miami Beach. The water couldn't have been any better. Just add pepper.
  12. (skip 14+15. Not drool-worthy enough. ...So this is actually 16.) Tropical Pineapple Fruit Boat, Coconut Fritters, and Tropical Cesar Salad with mango dressing and coconut bread croutons.
And obviously (I'm Asian. I take a million pictures. Don't question me.), I have more pictures but these are highlights. And God knows how long your attention span is.


More like, the rest are embarrassing. Curious? I know, right?