Sunday, May 13

for that special someone


F21 dress - Wilfred silk slip (underneath) - Kate Spade "Little Kennedy" - Diba boots - Burberry sunglasses - Madewell necklace - MK watch

Yesterday was the perfect day to spend with your siblings, drive around, get lost, go to the mall @ 4PM, and drive around in the parking lot STILL looking for a parking spot. Not to mention, buy the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Thanks to the Lil' Tam for being an outstanding sister and taking equally outstanding photos! Here's what she wore:

H&M cardigan - Made-by-mom romper - Minnetonka moccasins - boutique brand bag, bracelet, and necklace 

When you're in Picnic Garden, go hard or go home!

Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day and/or make the most out of this special day for her!