Saturday, February 5

S/S '11... I can't wait; PT. II

Seriously, with all this open-toed, open shirts, neon colors, and happy looking stripes for Spring/Summer '11, it just makes me a little depressed that I'm stuck with a quater inch thick ice and 30 degrees. The groundhog saw his shadow so I'm going to be optimistic and follow what the furry thing saw. I mean, it's never wrong right? Animals have some sixth sense about this stuff, so let's stock up for an early Spring.

Just read on nitrolicious about Target collaborating with Dolce Vita once again for their Spring line of open toe wedges, in very neutral and metallic colors. I bought from their Fall/Winter line and I love those combat boots to death, and for $35, you really can't go wrong. Once again, the line is affordable and totally chic. I'm going to check this out in stores and try them on, but if anything, definitely the rope wedge in the nude color.

photos courtesy of Target.

I'm being a little inconsiderate and just posting up this shoe because I'm in love with it. There's more sandal wedges - just check out here, and their F/W '10 line is on sale for dirt cheap here. I'm thinking about the strapped ankle boots, although I wouldn't mind the oxfords, but I'm scared they'd make my feet look long... I hope my shoe fetish will take me on the right direction of shoes this season since there's so many yummy things on the rise.

And wouldn't these shoes look good with Opening Ceremony's collaboration with Levi's Chambray line coming out close to next week? Love, love, LOVE the happy pastel palette and Terry Richardson's photography skill. Be on the look out for this collection!

photos courtesy of opening ceremony.