Wednesday, February 2

I Can Live With This...

If you live in New York City, then you know that the streets have turned into everyone's own free ice skating rink with a quater thick ice. FYI, many of us don't own skates thus, tumbling to our asses. If not tumbling, then the ice melting so there'll be a problem with transportation. Nobody ever wins, not even the little ones this season. Thanks a lot Mother Nature.

Anyhow, onto better news, today marks the day of Chinese New Year's Eve which means, huge dinner, and for the next day, $$$. Which is exactly what I need since I'm po' and is also why my ass is in (no, not just of the dangerous weather conditions outside) looking like a bum (my fave!).

Speaking of internship... this is the view from my floor, which is my boss' apartment along with the office. Pretty sweet view of the Brooklyn/Manhattan skyline, huh?

And this the view at night:

So aside from some of the bonuses I get from working where I work, I picked this up today:

Remember from that post where I ordered the $20 dress off of PLNDR? Yeap, it finally came in despite the nasty weather; I even got 2 emails letting me know it might late. But I got it in today and was super excited (and I'm wearing it right now even though it's like, -10 degrees in this house) and I'm really loving the way it fits. I can't wait until it starts getting warmer in New York City, really.

Oh! And Karmaloop sent me this complimentary issue of Antenna, which is a men's magazine filled with a lot of useful info. Gonna give it to someone who needs it more than I do, clearly: my man.

Now, my wishlist. I'm a girl who's satisfied with a lot in my closet, but with FWNYC coming up, I need these things... BAD:

The Soar bag from, which is a really great stylish stuff with everything priced for $40 and free shipping. ...Did I mention $40 for everything and free shipping? Yeah. $40 and free shipping. On everything.

And the Blackberry Bold 9780 from T-Mobile, because well, it's time for my damn upgrade from the Blackberry CURVE (outdated, I know. Don't have to tell me twice) that freezes and resets and turns off by its own. I don't know what is worse than that. I can live with scratches and the lid dented, as long as everything works, technically and that's not what it's looking like right now.