Thursday, January 27


Under the foot of snow, I'm hopin' anda prayin' that Spring is just around the corner in... I'll give it a month, like, February-month.

So like the typical Rebecca-Bloomwood-Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic type of terrible person I am, I just purchased this:

Cheap Monday "The Frill Dress" in Midnight via PLNDR

But to justify this unnecessary purchase, it was $20. I just spoke to one of my bestfriends about it, and yes! Approval (so I feel less guilty)! I have so many ideas for this layering piece - perfect for the Spring/Summer coming up.

I love buying versatile, layering pieces that you can wear in a million different ways, it really makes me so much more excited for the piece. Especially since I bought it for $20 (can't say it enough). My big inspiration for buying this piece have had to be from bleedforfashion with this post.

Yeap. All that, was just my justification for spending $20 I probably needed for food. And I'm glad. Besides, I'm sure if I don't eat for one day, I have enough fat for my body to eat off itself. Pfft.