Saturday, January 29

The Very First Day of the Rest of My Life.

Landed this fashion internship (booyah!) and went in for orientation today. It was held at Derek Warburton's beautiful apartment near the rooftop with big, beautiful windows with the city skyline and so close to the sun that even on this cloudy, snowy, gross day, it looked, well, beautiful. Strange that orientation was held there, but eh, who's complaining since I was sitting on a kushy suede couch. Wish I could've taken pictures, but that would've been not creepy at all...

And did I mention it's gonna be long term? Yay! Work with steady income and work with no steady income but with a lot of social networking, future career benefits, opportunities for better things, growing up, and making things happen.

Not a lot of things have ever really worked out for me, especially in the long run, but now, after dating my boyfriend (love you!), everything has fallen into place and I feel like I really got my shit together.

Maybe this won't be my career, maybe it will, but I know that this wouldn't have happened if my boyfriend, Kevin, and my two best girlfriends, Jessica and Mary, hadn't motivated and pushed me to do it. I'm a simple girl who appreciates all the really little things, so, thank you.


Am I lame that I just wrote a 'thank you' speech like I made it or something? A little? Damn. Well, it must be the PMS talking or something.

P.S. How did reminiscing turn into looking for rings? Can't wait.