Tuesday, April 26

after the storm


I've got aches all over my body from these drastic weather changes: it's thunderstorming like no tomorrow (so scary) and then it's 80 degrees like it's mid-June. Mother Nature's out to get us for taking our resources for granted.

I've been going through this mental process lately where I'm like, "Why do I even have a blog? Everyone has a blog; do I really think I'm that special or different?" I have heard that many bloggers go through this digital existential crisis. I think I finally have decided, though, what my blogging purpose is. Most bloggers have a lot of stunning expensive clothing and are meticulously groomed with manicures and perfect complexions. They are "aspirational" members of society, as in "My, I aspire to one day look like that." I think that my role in all of this is to serve as the middle ground. My clothing is not expensive, although occasionally I pull a Save-and-Splurge. I never pluck my eyebrows, I rarely maintain the upkeep on my hair. I bite my nails and hate to shave my legs. I have crooked silly teeth. I am very short. I am too self-concious when being photographed to really "model" to any degree. So, I'd like to think that my blog represents reality. Realistically, this is how a lot of girls dress and operate, within our means and motivation. This is how a real girl does it. If nothing else, I try to be a little bit interesting.
Seriously. Well said Madeline of Jean Greige.

I mean, it's nothing new, and I'm sure it's crossed aplenty of people's minds before but it's the way she put it into words that makes this so quote-able. I've never quite understood the "fashion blogs" with photos of six-foot tall, daddy long legged people in ripped denim booty shorts (have got to be vintage Levi's) and flimsy, sheer tops (Wang - duh.) that get a million hits. And they live in Greenland. Or Norway. In December. Nope. Never quite grasped that concept.