Monday, December 20

Be a lady, not a tramp.

I can't believe there's only 5 more days until Christmas, then only a week after that until it's 2011. How quick this year's going by. There's not enough time in a year, I swear. Haha.

Anyway, my girls from Buffalo and beyond are finally back, I'm SO excited. I had the chance to hang out with them today but my body was killing me, and it was beautiful outside. UGH. ...Oh well, there's always tomorrow and a month. (:

So here are my new pickups from last week. I finally got a leopard piece... FOR FREE. The best, I always say. Haha. Found it in my closet, buried all the way in the back, I completely forgot about it since a couple of years ago it didn't really fit. & voila:

exchange by david charles, nine west

a book to live by - and I've only read 20 pages.

MAC brush cleaner works extremely well and fast. This 8 fl. oz will last me awhile since I don't put on makeup that often.

Slowly, but surely, I'll build up my shoe pile, get to wear them all, and I can't wait to show them off. Also, ever since I received that book from my sister as a Christmas present (along with strawberry headphones, yeah, I cheated and opened up early =x) I haven't been able to put it down, it's so good so far! & extremely helpful tips like how to balance your outfit out, the thin line between sexy and skanky, and table manners.

Happy reading, stay warm and I hope you've got your Christmas shopping and New Year's resolution down everyone!