Thursday, December 2

Feelin' Grey.

Hello world!

So to start things off since this is my first post, one of my favorite things to do (besides being a sloth) in this cold weather is: my nails! And since it's been yucky and freezing, I've decided to jump on the heather grey nail polish bandwagon and finally try it out (seen on Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller via

This is American Apparel's Nail Lacquer in Factory Grey, which is an amazing color and totally affordable for those who want to try out the trend without having to drop $14 on RGB's Nail Polish in Steel. For those who aren't afraid to drop moolah on nail polish, should try Estee Lauder's in Gunmetal, which is a beautiful grey with a bit of a shimmer to it - fancy enough for the holiday parties and still neutral to go with any of your sparkly dresses (not that I'm encouraging festive green-and-red sequined all over dresses....).

Happy nail art! (and Happy Hanukkah!)