Thursday, March 3

Stripes, Leopard Print, & Mutated Strawberries

Both base colors are from American Apparel in Rosebowl

Please find it in your heart to forgive the appearance of my room given I still live at home with my grandparents, they're traditional Asian, and I don't feel the need to re-arrange anything since I'm barely even home to.

Moving on, this is typically what you'd find me doing if and when I've been out for nearly 12 hours the day before, and today is 33 degrees from 52 the other day, but feels like 10. 

This past week or so, I've had a life changing idea.

Having such OCD, detailed eye coordination, a steady right and left hand, and my love for the Food Network's "Cake Boss", "Fabulous Cakes", and more, I had an epiphany: I love cooking/baking as much as I love putting outfits together! Now I feel like poop because I have no idea what to do. I guess that's the beauty/cons of finding yourself at my age... Plus. Although a pro would be doing what leading me to where I want to be and how I'd be getting there. I guess you can say the journey to self-discovery is pretty exciting and fascinating.

Let's go through step one first (as both my older sisters would say) and go back to school.

P.S. Just thought this was blog-worthy...